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| 18 April 2010

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night for this time, we will share with you all about our new activities which is English Debate for our English class by Dr. Rohani. So funny because we can get a lot of experiance when we do this debate. But in the half of this event, we got something special. A 'mat saleh' CCCU student was come and watch our debate. So fun but still have a little shy. Because we only use 'broken' manglish, he3x.... But at least we tray our best to do this debate.

The participant is divide into 2 group, group of male as opponent and group of women as govermant, the topic we discuss is about 'Sex Education : Relevant or Not?'. From the goverment site is Nur Syuhada, Zahratul Jannah (maut), Nurul Aida Chini Lake. And the rest is Pusparajan A/L Thiagajan, Muhammad Syazrin KU, Muhammad Adib secretary of class as the opponent site. Muhammad Iqbal as a moderator for this debate. The judge is Z. Asilah, he3x...

Every panel only give about 2 minute to give their speech. But among them, Pusparajan A/L Thiagarajan is the best speaker. It's announce by Dr. Rohani. So he always smile when back to his room/hostel. About 30 minute, this debate was finish and they have got so many experiance today.

At the last, Dr. Rohani have give some advise and suggestion how to improve our speaking skill, so we can do the best in the future. Thank You Dr.

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